A Glimpse of my TITAS notes

I’m afraid my notes for TITAS ain’t as diligent as the ones I did for my Psychology subject. Perhaps it is because I am at loss at how to translate the paragraphs into mind maps or bullet points. I ended up printing the pages off my handbook instead.

I tried rewriting my notes for the Tamadun India (Indian Civilization) chapter but I got a headache after that trying to sort which rajah goes into which dynasty. I did a boomerang on that on my IG Hobominci. This is where tutorials help but we didn’t manage to have any during this MCO. So, I had to depend on online lectures. Thankfully I have watched Shah Rukh Khan’s Asoka movie. In a way, I could kind of imagine how it theoretically looked like in that era with the costumes, makeup and social hierarchy.

I suppose with studying history, you have no choice but to read and memorize the facts. And do sample questions if there are any. InsyaAllah, everything will be well.

Taking notes

It’s hard being a student back.

An attempt of writing up notes. Bought coloured markers and all. Including pretty pastel highlighters from Shopee. I think students nowadays take notes on Ipads. Very digital. I am still old school but I will find a way to make it work.

The aim is to so-called list the objectives of the topic on that little paper and then do the contents afterwards.

*kinda doing backdated entries now.. ha ha*