Team 1

Yesterday, my superior informed me that me and another colleague will be representing the clinic in spearheading the vaccination programme of Covid-19. It will be rolling out in 3 different phases. The clinic is sending 2 teams. Each team will have a medical doctor, a medical assistant, a nurse and an admin officer.

The vaccination programme will be rolling nation wide starting this month in 3 phases.

PHASE 1 : Frontliners

PHASE 2 : The elderly population those with co-morbidities

PHASE 3 : To the rest of the population more than 18 years old

It will be on a voluntary basis. No compulsion. Considering the immense effort put into gathering this vaccine and analyzing the ample data for its safety and efficacy by a designated team – I would strongly suggest members of the public who have no contraindication to get their jabs.

At the moment, I can see that the society is more confident from not dying of Covid-19 than to die of the vaccine. At least, that is how I see it. In the western community, those opposing are on the grounds of side effects, ?brainwashing, Islamization. In our local Islamic community, the concern is suspicion towards Illuminati, New World propaganda and death.

Again, vaccine is not compulsory. It is a social responsibility to protect those who cannot protect themselves.