26th MCPM 2022

I attended the pre-conference workshop. I think I would make a note to try and attend their conference next year. I couldn’t commit to the full conference because I’ve already got this week swamped with holiday plans balik kampung.

I was particularly excited to attend this because I really wanted to hear Dr Alizi Alias speak LIVE. I have heard him on talks online but I really wanted to know if it is better with a live audience. Indeed, he was! He was very knowledgeable yet humorous. Not one of those very stiff academics we see most of the time. He is known to be well versed in Islamic studies but hey hey hey he speaks MOVIES too!! Not just any movie but the famous ones like Harry Potter and LOTR. He even knows the cockney accent! If he was many years younger, we could actually be friends!!!

I recorded all the speaker’s topics but once we get the slides, I think I want to edit it to become a video so that I could listen to this talk over and over again. It was enlightening and very entertaining as well!

I am a fan!

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