A Glimpse of my TITAS notes

I’m afraid my notes for TITAS ain’t as diligent as the ones I did for my Psychology subject. Perhaps it is because I am at loss at how to translate the paragraphs into mind maps or bullet points. I ended up printing the pages off my handbook instead.

I tried rewriting my notes for the Tamadun India (Indian Civilization) chapter but I got a headache after that trying to sort which rajah goes into which dynasty. I did a boomerang on that on my IG Hobominci. This is where tutorials help but we didn’t manage to have any during this MCO. So, I had to depend on online lectures. Thankfully I have watched Shah Rukh Khan’s Asoka movie. In a way, I could kind of imagine how it theoretically looked like in that era with the costumes, makeup and social hierarchy.

I suppose with studying history, you have no choice but to read and memorize the facts. And do sample questions if there are any. InsyaAllah, everything will be well.

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